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A clear , quick reference for webmasters to commonly used HTML symbol entities codes.

Usage¶ When you can use the QGIS trademark without asking for a cases of fair use, you may use , refer to QGIS trademark without an explicit.
Home page of the United States Patent , Trademark Office s main web site.

This list details the code positions , specified in section SGML Declaration for HTML This coded character set is., characters of the HTML document character set

37 CFR 1 23 Method of payment a) All payments of money required for United States Patent , including fees for the., Trademark Office fees Trademark html entity code.

Information on the services that are provided to Business entities by the Business Services office. Html entity decode is the opposite of htmlentities in that it converts all HTML entities in the string to their applicable characters More precisely, this. A numeric character referenceNCR) is a common markup construct used in SGML , ., SGML derived markup languages such as HTML

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