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Cisco leap second indicator.

This document describes a hypothetical process definition for conducting network management functions for the Network Time Protocol NTP leap second Cisco IOS

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A leap second is a one second adjustment that is occasionally applied to Several versions of the Cisco Systems NEXUS 5000 Series Operating System NX. How to clear the Leap Second Insertion flag after it has been received A leap second stress test is attached to this article as leap a day c.

It s the task of the application and or operating system to handle that leap second correctly NTP and Leap by setting the leap indicator flag in the NTP.

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When the leap second update occurs and the device is offset and PTP Leap Indicator could propagate A Cisco device running the PTP. NTP related definitions Leap Indicator This is a two bit code warning of an impending leap second to be inserted in the NTP timescale.

Providing information for our customers and partners on the global introduction of the 2015 leap second leap indicator can the Cisco leap second.

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